If this course had cost thousands of pounds, it would still have been money well spent
by Natalie Underhill

"If this course had cost thousands of pounds, it would still have been money well spent - it was an invaluable investment for me before having my first born. I was honestly terrified of giving birth before doing the course - the thought of being alone, not knowing what I'm doing my husband also not having a clue... I was dreading it.

After the course, I felt confident, ready, prepared and very relaxed. I was actually looking forward to labour and I was lucky enough to have a very good birth experience. The midwives commented on how "chilled" I was and how relaxed the baby was the entire time. I completely put this down to the course. 

I'm not into yoga, meditation or anything like that, I'm very black and white and anyone telling me to try "hypnotherapy" for anything I would have brushed it aside - most of my friends were surprised I was so into the course, as it's not characteristically me. HOWEVER it was the BEST thing I did pre-baby. 

The course yes teaches how to relax and meditate but it also gives you so much science, explanation, understanding, and information that I found so interesting, reliable and confidence giving. 

If you're not sure or have any reservations, I'd say invest and you won't regret it - honestly!" 

I am forever grateful for this course!  

by Eliza Banasiak


This Natal hypnotherapy Course helped me to understand what the body is doing during labour, thus be more in control, overcome fear and allow the body to do what it needs to, to birth the baby. 

I had a good and easy pregnancy in a way that I didn’t feel heavy and stayed active and didn’t suffer from anything other than nausea that eased in the fourth month.

I had an amazing birth in the birthing pool in the hospital. Prior to labour I managed the contractions by breathing through them and honestly not feeling pain. I had the labour exactly as I wanted and imagined it during meditations - we arrived to the hospital in time, I went straight in the pool and the baby was born after 20min with 4 pushes!!! 

The midwife was great and said I had a textbook labour and she wished she had filmed it for students:) no stitches, I recovered after 2 weeks and I am the happiest mum, grateful forever for the hypnobirhing and Maggie Howell!!!

I can remember saying “bring it on”, I was genuinely excited to birth our baby boy 

by Tenille Lambert