Course Description

Practitioner Trainer

Maggie Howell

I began Natal Hypnotherapy in 2001 after the wonderful birth of my first son through out which I used the self-hypnosis skills I had learnt during my Pregnancy. After a few very successful years teaching and helping many women, I began to teach my methods to midwives and other birth professionals in 2004. From there I had many requests for a complete practitioner training Programme so in 2006 I trained my first cohort of Practitioners. The course was then accredited by the Royal College of Midwives in 2008.Over the years I have had many requests from women all over the world wanting to train and so I decided to convert my full training Programme into this online course.I am really delighted to welcome you onto this course and to be a part of your journey to help many women and their partners have a wonderful birth experience.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1) Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome

    • Your thoughts on the training

  • 2

    2) Pregnancy Relaxation - Why, what and How

    • What is involved and reasons to do the training

    • What is included in this training?

    • Benefits of running the Pregnancy Relaxation Classes

  • 3

    3) How to run a Pregnancy Relaxation Hour session

    • How to run the Pregnancy Relaxation Hour

    • What's the format of the Pregnancy Relaxation Hour?

    • Guidance on an introduction to the suggestions for each script

    • Guidance on suggestions for running each of the sessions

    • Post class feedback

  • 4

    4. How to charge for the Pregnancy Relaxation Hour classes

    • What to charge for the Pregnancy Relaxation Hour

    • How to charge for the Pregnancy Relaxation Hour

  • 5

    5. What materials or equipment do I need to run the sessions?

    • Materials and equipment that you will need to run the PRH

    • What materials or equipment do I need to run the sessions?

  • 6

    6. How can I market I am doing the course?

    • Marketing the Pregnancy Relaxation Hour

    • How to market your Pregnancy Relaxation Hour

  • 7

    7. What venues can I use to run my classes?

    • What venues can I use for my classes?

  • 8

    8. Guide on how to do a hypnosis session?

    • Guide running a Hypnosis session

    • The content of a hypnotherapy session

    • Check Your Knowledge

    • Tools used in hypnosis

    • Check your knowledge

    • Post hypnotic suggestions

    • Running a great hypnosis session

  • 9

    9. Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Before you go...

  • 10

    10. Resources - Scripts

    • General Pregnancy Relaxation Script

    • Healthy Eating Pregnancy Relaxation Script

    • Overcoming Fears and Concerns Script

    • Pregnancy Wellbeing and Good Quality Sleep Script

    • Protecting yourself from negative images and stories script

    • Trusting Your Body to grow a Healthy Child Script

    • Trusting Your Body’s Abilities Script

  • 11

    11. Resources - Further support

    • Summary of Pregnancy Relaxation Hour Course