Course Description

This self-paced programme is available 24/7 providing you with the flexibility to train at the pace, location and time of your choosing.  

When I first developed the Natal Hypnotherapy hypnobirthing CDs and courses in 2002, the term was completely alien to most people and conjured up all kinds of images.  Luckily things have moved on a great deal and now hypnobirthing has become far more mainstream. The popularity of using hypnosis for birth has been driven from the ground up, as more and more women have taken control of their birth preparation and felt empowered and confident to have a positive birth experience.

The Natal Hypnotherapy hypnobirthing course for couples are:-

1. Packed with realistic, pragmatic, achievable and  effective tools and techniques to help couples be fully prepared for labour in any environment
2. Focused on positive, empowering language without the need to avoid “scary words”
3. Personalised so each couple takes full ownership and feels that the program fits their individual needs, fears and plans.
4. Geared towards helping couples embrace and  reframe any challenges in labour, to enable them to remain   relaxed and so reduce pain  
5. Inclusive and collaborative with the medical team supporting the couple

Practitioner Training

I had many requests for training from birth professionals who had heard about my courses and so I started running face to face practitioner training courses in 2006 to help practitioners:-

● Learn highly effective techniques and skills to help make a real difference to a couple’s birth experience
● Empower women to feel confident and trusting in their ability to give birth
● Enjoy seeing the change in couples from fear and  anxiety, to confidence and excitement
● Use the skills to improve areas of your own life
●Set up your own business to supplement your income
● Flexibility to run courses to fit around you and your family

Over the last 10 years, I have had many requests for distance / online training and so I have collated all the materials, training methods videos etc to create this all singing all dancing online practitioner training course

Advantages of an online course

● 24 hr access so you can to fit in the learning around your schedule
● Access to the course for 3 years so you can manage your own pace of learning plus you can review the tutorials and all resources whenever you need - a huge bonus over a face-to-face course.
● Access the fully responsive course on your phone, tablet or PC
● Highly engaging and interactive tutorials (click and drag, click to reveal etc), videos, audio downloads, PDF, quizzes to test your knowledge, refection and  homework
● No added time or extra cost of travel and hotel.

Practitioner Trainer

Maggie Howell

I began Natal Hypnotherapy in 2001 after the wonderful birth of my first son through out which I used the self-hypnosis skills I had learnt during my Pregnancy. After a few very successful years teaching and helping many women, I began to teach my methods to midwives and other birth professionals in 2004. From there I had many requests for a complete practitioner training Programme so in 2006 I trained my first cohort of Practitioners. The course was then accredited by the Royal College of Midwives in 2008.Over the years I have had many requests from women all over the world wanting to train and so I decided to convert my full training Programme into this online course.I am really delighted to welcome you onto this course and to be a part of your journey to help many women and their partners have a wonderful birth experience.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to this Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner training course!

    • How to become a great Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner

    • Listen to thoughts from couples who have benefited from NH

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