Hypnobirthing Class
Maggie Howell

Online Hypnobirthing Class for pregnant women and their partners

A step by step, birth preparation course to help you and your partner be more in control, more relaxed and really ready for labour

Maggie Howell

Find out how to become a great Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Find out about the full online hypnobirthing practitioner training programme, what you will learn, what you will be able to do once you are trained and how the training is stuctured.

Maggie Howell

Practitioner training - NH Hypnobirthing training course £345

A step by step, hypnobirthing practitioner training course to enable you to teach hypnobirthing to expectant couples

Maggie Howell

Hypnotherapy for Birth £100

For the Hypnobirthing practitioner training course

Maggie Howell

Birth Physiology £100

Understand the physiology and emotional map of labour for hypnobirthing practitioner training